Emotional well-being, intelligence and growth contribute to all aspects of life.    is a quick, easy way to acknowledge feelings, guide behavior and build a history of valuable information.  

Circle the day of the week, fill in the month, year and time.  And you have begun building a valuable history.  Check off what applies to 

you, while guided to write further thoughts, feelings and actions.  Knowing how you feel helps to make happy, healthy decisions.  To

expand, become, grow.  

the journal worth keeping

People who use Jiffy Journal say ~

"I love my Jiffy Journal!  It's quick and easy, perfect for my busy life!"    ~ C /F, age 53

"Jiffy Journal gives me the space and structure needed for my thoughts and feelings in order to truly participate in life."
                                                                                                                                                                 ~ F /M, age 23
"I love my Jiffy Journal I'm sick of blank pages."    ~ G /F, age 10

"One of my patients said that Jiffy Journal is one the best things that has happened to him, it helps him immensely."
                                               ~ A Nurse Practitioner in a large hospital who cares for people with Pain and Addiction