~ To acknowledge feelings

~ Guide emotional energy and behavior

~ Bring attention to each day, moment, place

~ Build history and realize progress


Bill was smart and tenacious.  He was an amazing 

father to his sons and was my mother's husband.

Through observation Bill had a positive impact on my life.

His life was short.  With Bill passing too soon I 

became keenly aware of how incredibly lucky I was to be alive.

As a young married mother with an unstoppable spirit, who wore many hats 

while raising two children, volunteering and working, time was flying by.

I was passionate about the importance of each day and wanted to capture it.

So I created a system that quickly and easily organized how

I felt and what I was doing.  With this system I could see my own growth.

At the same time my marital status changed to "head of household" 

and my new creation was put on a shelf.

To support my family and earn a bachelors degree,

I intertwined three years of full time study as a

college student with a full time corporate job.  

For fifteen years I built an award winning corporate career.

Today I realize that emotional health is as equally important as physical health 

and that knowing how you feel will help to make better, positive decisions.

Having a history of your days will show how they

are spent and illustrate the growth within them.

A quick, easy way to acknowledge feelings, guide behavior and build a history of valuable information.

Jiffy Journal is born.